Lucky Bernie's Fox Lake - 1 Nippersink Boulevard, Fox Lake

"Lucky Bernie's Fox Lake" in Fox Lake works at 1 Nippersink Boulevard, IL 60020. For any questions you have, call +1 847-629-5600

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1 Nippersink Boulevard, Fox Lake, IL 60020
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+1 847-629-5600

Establishment   Food  

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  • Alaine Lecuyer
    Jul, 17 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Was excited by the idea of a nice panini with some rolled ice cream for dessert... I was let down. It took over 5 minutes to have our order taken and another 10 for my boyfriend's sandwich (served on fresh white bread and not pressed in a panini press). Another 5 minutes and my sandwish came out (again, not a panini but very very faintly toasted on a flat top). Didn't even want to order dessert after our meal as we had seen one couple wait almost 20 mins for their rolled ice cream. This was by no means the fault of the staff as we literally watched the cook/server running orders from the kitchen multiple times and the guy doing the rolled ice cream (one order at a time which takes about 5 mins) also second as the cashier. Unfortunately, the biggest letdown was in, what I assume was either the owner or manager, who went from ignoring customers as they walked in while he was unprofessionally doing the books at a table in the dining area, to standing/walking around in the kitchen area on his phone as the guy making ice cream asked the cook/server to not forget the to go box I'd asked for. Poor management will be this business' s downfall. The sandwiches were tasty but not delivered as advertised (my guess is that management Didn't think to buy a panini press for the PANINIS they advertise) and service was slow but not for lack of effort. The two stars go out to the staff that clearly are being asked to pull double or triple duty.
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Lucky Bernie's Fox Lake

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  • 1 Nippersink Boulevard, IL 60020
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  • Phone number +1 847-629-5600
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  • Main work: Establishment   Food  
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